Frequently Asked Questions

Hoffman Lodge #412 Free & Accepted Masons

Are YOU on the Level?


                             What is a Freemason?

Simply put, a Freemason is someone who:

Wants to influence in a positive way the world in which they live

Wants to continue to grow and develop as a person

Enjoys the company of men they like, respect and trust.

Is Freemasonry a secret society?

    No. It is a popular misconception that Freemasonry is secret  (every one loves a conspiracy theory).  Our buildings (Lodges) are usually very clearly marked, we are listed in the phone directory and you can find plenty of Lodges on Google. That’s hardly secret. We do have certain rituals that we keep to ourselves but we use these rituals as an effective way to remind us of important moral and social values - And they remind us where we are, and what we are supposed to be doing,  just as the ritual of a business meeting reminds people of where they are and what they are supposed to be doing.

    Masonry's ritual is very rich because it is so old. It has developed over centuries to contain some beautiful language and ideas expressed in symbols.

How would I join the Fraternity?

The basic formal  requirements are that a man must :

-be sound in body and mind,

-who believes in one God (we recognize all the great faiths),

-is at least 21years old

and has a good reputation.

    The old adage of “Ask 1 to be 1” - We do not solicit membership, this must be an entirely personal decision. We do encourage men with the right qualities who feel they might be interested in the Masonic journey contact us. There is no obligation, and no pressure. You might be invited to the Lodge on one of our meetings nights for dinner and to meet some of the Brothers and ask (and be asked) questions. If you feel that Freemasonry is for you, you can request to take it further.

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